Monthly Archive: June 2017


See The Painting and Hear it too!

The National Gallery’s has currently put on a new Soundscapes exhibition. This innovative exhibit puts masterpieces to music so visitors can experience the paintings like never before. The bold move aims to pair visual art with music to create a unique listening/visual experience that will definitely stay with you once you leave from the gallery.


How Music Inspires Painters

Modern painters have credited a variety of musical genres that help them to get them into the right groove to paint. According to studies, there isn’t a particular genre of music or artist has been proven to strongly inspire creativity. Rather, it depends on the personal choice of the particular artist. likes. Just like music inspires athletes and keeps them motivated to practice had, artists choose what they like to listen to in order to paint what they like to paint. However, classical music may be better suited for evoking the imagination than contemporary songs.